Hannah Jordan

Team Cyclist

ADDRESS: 2760 N Academy Blvd Suite 201, Colorado Springs, CO 80917


Born a fighter, we believe Hannah Jordan will quickly become one of the most inspirational teenagers you’ll ever meet.

Hannah was born with a condition inhibiting her body from producing what it needs to remain metabolically stable. Hannah has had to go through continuous treatment at renowned medical facilities. Finally they have found a treatment plan to keep Hannah stable. Now Hannah’s plan includes wearing a backpack which houses a pump that provides her with a constant flow of a special metabolic formula, in order for her body to function properly.

Anything but average, this young woman is determined to overcome all obstacles and take life by storm. Her fierce determination, especially in cycling , is profound.

At the age of 9, Hannah hopped on a bike without training wheels and did not get on a bike again until the age of 13 1/2. Now as a flourishing 14-year-old, she has a strong passion for cycling and her passion has allowed her to rapidly become a successful cyclist.

In 2015, Hannah placed 2nd in her first race at the  State Criterium Championship of Oklahoma. This moment sparked her non-stop training and desire to be a great cyclist.

Not only is Hannah an amazing cyclist, she also has an amazing heart. In April of 2016, The Hannah Jordan Foundation began. The foundation seeks to instill hope in others to overcome their personal obstacles. Hannah’s life mantra has become:“odds don’t determine outcome.”

She truly and humbly lives this statement each and every day, and gives all the credit to her Lord Jesus Christ.

We are very proud and thankful to have Hannah Jordan as a Pink Realty Cyclist!