Congratulations on your upcoming closing. If you are getting a home loan your lender will be sending over final documents to review with your agent. Make sure you don't take any wiring instructions from anybody via email. You need to call the closing entity for the wiring instructions.

At closing, everyone is usually in the same room -- Seller, Buyer, Realtors, Lender, and Title Company -- signing the closing documents. In some situations the buyer and seller may be in separate rooms.

If you are getting a loan you will have the most documents to sign. Closings last around an hour.

What to Bring to Closing:

•Forwarding address if you will not live in the home

•Social Security card.

•2 Forms of Photo ID’s•••

Be sure to do the following the day of closing:

Call the utilities companies to transfer to your name.

Call trash services to begin service.

Your Homeowners insurance should start immediately but please verify.

You Should Receive the following at closing:

•All Keys to your new home

•Any codes to the house

•Mailbox Number (if applicable)

•Garage door openers

•Seller's Due Diligence Documents