We will be scheduling a final walk-through of your new home right before closing or on the day of closing to verify a number of things contractually have happened.

•Verify the seller moved out.  Yes we have seen situations where a seller still hasn't moved out.

•Verify the home is in broom clean condition or professionally cleaned.

•Verify all debris is removed from inside and outside of home.

•Verify all the inclusions stated in contract are at the property.  For example if the kitchen appliances were stated in the contract to stay in the home we verify they are there.  We have literally seen sellers swap out refrigerators.  They decide they like their stainless steel refrigerator and they want to take it with them to their new home.  Then they replace the fridge in the kitchen with the fridge in the garage.  The seller cannot do that unless it was agreed to contractually.

•We also have to verify the house has not burned down or any damage has been done to the home. The last thing you want is to buy a house and find out that it had just burned down or flooded yesterday. Trust me this has happened in real estate.  We have seen homes burn down 2 days before closing and nobody knew about it.  If you were to purchase that home not knowing it burned down, your insurance will not cover that.

Your Pink Realty Agent is here to make sure we cover you and look out for your best interests.  We think of every possible scenario that can happen in real estate and advise you to all matters.