During scheduled showing times, it is highly advisable that you are not present. Buyers can feel intimidated when sellers are present. They want to be able to talk openly about the home in front of their agent. If you are unable to leave for the showing, try to step outside to allow the buyer privacy.

Your safety and security are our primary concern and therefore, we use a professional showing service that requires all showings to be scheduled through the service to ensure only licensed agents and their clients have access to your home. If your home is occupied, all showings are by appointment only and require your approval and confirmation. We also have a secure lockbox that only realtors can access and each time your home is accessed, the lockbox records the entrance to the property.

How Showings Work

You are notified of each showing and the showings are set up in one of three ways:

1. Go: This option is for vacant homes. We do not need your preapproval to set the appointment, but you do get an email letting you know the appointment was scheduled. Agents and their clients can come and go into the property as long as the agent scheduled the appointment.

2. Courtesy: This option is used for homeowners who live in the home, but are not home very often or home only during times of day. We notify the seller with either a text or a phone call letting them know a showing was scheduled and what time it will take place.

3. Must confirm: This option is for homeowners who are frequently home or have pets that need to be put away for a showing. This option requires confirmation from the seller before an agent can show your home.

Showing notifications will come from our service. To know the notification is valid, the text or phone call will come from either showings.com or Centralized Showings. The service verifies each agent wanting to show your house to confirm he or she is a licensed realtor. This is to ensure unauthorized people and/or criminals are not allowed entrance to your home. Realtors are verified through the company they work for via a special showing pass code. The showing service also verifies the phone number the agent is calling from. Once the real estate agent is verified, the service will text or call you for approval to do the showing. Additionally, a licensed realtor is always present during a showing with their buyer.

Unfortunately, some showing requests come with little notice. Realtors may call and request a showing at the last minute. This happens for several reasons. Maybe their buyer just saw the house and wants to see it right away or the agent is getting ready to leave right away to show properties. While last minute showing requests can be inconvenient, you need you to try to accommodate them, as that inconvenient showing may be the one that sells your home!