Monica Breckenridge

Managing Broker and Owner at Pink Realty

Colorado REALTOR Magazine January 2018

What is one habit you do every day/week that you feel helps you be more successful in real estate? Mindset to me is everything and I preach this to my agents. You have to believe in yourself, have a positive attitude and think about what you want. Most people focus too much on what they don’t want, because they are afraid of it. I only focus on what I want and that is what I get. It’s all about the law of attraction.

What activities do you do in your local area that help you expand your network? I love to cycle. I am always riding my bike with other cyclists. Doing something that I am passionate about gives me and the other cyclists a commonality. I am always getting referrals from them. I wear a Pink Realty cycling kit with my branding all over it. So even when I’m enjoying life riding my bike, I’m working at the same time because I am a riding billboard. I don’t even talk about real estate with my fellow cyclists. We are just having fun riding our bikes. I have become well-known in the community and my pink kits are memorable.

What is your top marketing strategy? My brand is the best marketing strategy. Everything is all Pink. We love marketing to our past clients with all the pink-branded gifts. We follow the Brian Buffini method and work mostly by referral and word-of-mouth. Having a brand that is memorable is extremely helpful. People don’t even have to remember my name or company name. They just have to remember a color. And the name of our business happens to be the color.

Any additional comments for someone trying to start out in the industry or grow their business? You need to be passionate about what you are doing and love it with all of your heart. If you're not happy with what you’re doing, you won’t be good at it. The passion will be your driving force to success as well as the law of attraction. Read the book, “The Secret.” It is all about your mindset and thinking about what you want. I have been utilizing these principles since I was 18 when I first heard about the law of attraction. It works 100% and I am proof. Everything in my life right has been attracted to me through my thoughts. You have the ability to get anything you want as well. Just think about it and it will happen.