If you’ve done your homework and researched the advantages and disadvantages of buying a franchise, you know what you need to contribute and what you need the Franchiser to contribute to you in order to be successful.

If you are ready to invest into a franchise, check out Pink Realty. They have mastered their brand and their trademark, they have business systems and processes in place that have been proven to work, and their hard work has placed them in the top of the nation. The company works as a team and thrives on their total team concept. They want nothing more than for you to succeed.


Pink Realty owns their Color Trademark! Not only do they own their color Pink, but their name is Pink, their phone number is Pink (719) 393-PINK (7465), all of their marketing is Pink, their signs are Pink, and their website is Pink. Everything is Pink and you can’t miss them! In a prior post, we stated that color increases brand recognition by up to 80% (University of Loyola)!


Their branding is simple, yet effective and unique. Their company name is their branded color, which makes it their biggest marketing tool as well. Their branding has attracted customers and allowed them to develop relationships with their customers. Their branding leaves an impact and gets them remembered!


Pink Realty has already done all the hard work for you so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel or invest in new marketing ideas or materials! Everything you need has already been created for you. You just have to put in your personal information in and you can order marketing materials directly from their vendors.

System Support:

You won’t have to spend time and money customizing your own CRM or transaction management system, because they have done all the hard work for you! Pink Realty has their own system customized. Here’s are a few things it does for you:

•Tracks your clients and leads

•Document storage

•Photo storage

•Auto-Triggers tasks for you, your employees and agents

And more!

You’re Part of a Team:

One of the great advantages of owning your own Pink Realty office is knowing that you are part of a team. There is no competition among offices. Since all offices operate as a team and use the same systems, they can all use each other’s statistics, so you can say you are the #1 Real Estate Team in the nation!


When you own your own Pink Realty office, you join the Pink team! We offer free coaching because we want you to be successful. Your success is also our success! Many top producing Realtors pay handsomely for coaching, but with us, you get the coaching you need for free! We are here to help you with all your coaching and training needs.

Client Appreciation:

Pink Realty takes their clients very seriously. Their clients are not a means to an end, they are the expansion of your future! Pink’s clients are their number one priority not only during the sale transaction but after the sale is completed. Pink Realty’s statistics are higher than most, not only because their branding is unforgettable, but because they work to build lasting relationships with them. About 70% of Pink’s business is repeat and referral business because they stay in touch with their clients long after the transaction is over. Pink Realty orders Pink-Branded gifts in bulk each month. To stay in touch with your clients, you can order as many or these branded gifts as you like for your clients. Because they are ordered in bulk, they are very affordable.

If you are serious about investing into your future and looking to invest into a quality franchise that can offer you every potential for success, it makes great sense for you to take a look at Pink Realty’s franchise opportunity to see all they have to offer, or feel free to call Monica Breckenridge directly at 719-393-7465 (PINK) for more information.