On May 1, 2018, after a year of hard work and persistence, the color ‘Pink’ is the official Registered Color Trademark of Pink Realty, Inc., as it pertains to the Real Estate Agent Industry.

Pink Realty was established in 2009 by owners/CEO Monica and Russ Breckenridge. Anyone who knows Monica Breckenridge knows that she is a huge fan of the color Pink. Monica wanted a catchy name for the company that people could easily remember and identify with, easy to brand and easy to market. And so from the beginning, Monica knew that Pink Realty would be a winner. It didn’t take long for Pink Realty to paint the town of Colorado Springs in Pink. Now that Pink Realty is franchising we will begin seeing more Pink across the nation. Their name is Pink, their marketing is Pink, their realtor signs are Pink, and their gift packs are Pink and even their phone number is Pink. 719-393-7465 (PINK)!

Another important aspect of Pink Realty is their support of the community. Pink Realty is a proud sponsor of local charities that help men and women in the Colorado Springs region get through some of life’s most difficult challenges. Pink Realty has donated over $100,000 to breast cancer organizations since Feb 2010 - 2010 – and it just so happens that this also correlates with the color Pink!

Pink Realty is a proud sponsor of local charities that help men and women in the Colorado Springs region get through some of life’s most difficult challenges.

Other companies have also reaped the benefits and success of establishing a color trademark. These well-known colors become so familiar to us, we tend to immediately associate the color with the company and the products they sell.

What you may wonder is how can T-Mobile’s Pink and Barbie Pink be so similar to Pink Realty’s Pink and still be allowed in the marketplace? Trademarked colors are restricted to certain industries and/or areas of expertise. Pink Realty’s Pink is specifically for the real estate agent industry. T-Mobile’s Magenta is exclusive to the cell phone industry and Mattel has trademarked Barbie Pink in multiple industries from bubble bath to cereal! Because Pink Realty has trademarked their color Pink, no other real estate agent can use their color in that industry unless they own a Pink Realty Franchise. No other company in the cell phone industry can use T-Mobile’s Magenta. Those that tried, were denied. The same goes for Barbie Pink!

A few more examples of very recognizable color trademarks and the industries associated to specific colors include:

Tiffany and Co. has trademarked it's iconic Blue now called "Tiffany Blue": 

T Mobile has trademarked the Magenta Color:

Home Depot has trademarked the color Orange:

UPS Store has trademarked the Brown:

Starbucks has trademarked it's Green Color:

Barbie has trademarked the Color Pink:

And Now Pink Realty has trademarked the Color Pink in Real Estate:

These companies trademarked their specific colors and linked them as part of their brand and have become leaders in their industries. Color is an important and powerful visual component of branding that people remember. When color and shapes are put together and used over and over in a consistent manner throughout all forms of advertising, their brand becomes immediately recognized over time.