Communicating with Skype is not a new concept, especially if you have family in other parts of the country or overseas. People can spend more time talking and seeing family members and friends on a regular basis without the consequence of a huge phone bill.

Skype is fast becoming a well-used communication tool with different businesses and industries, especially those with multiple locations or personnel that telecommute or are out-of-state. Companies hold meetings and conferences using Skype to save on costs and increase efficiency.

One industry that is beginning to realize the benefits of Skype is Real Estate. Agents are using Skype as a way to build client relationships and sell real estate more quickly and easily! This is a very effective tool, especially when agents are working with out of state clients or clients who live abroad.

Using Skype allows agents to have face-to-face communication with their clients, which helps build relationships and minimizes phone costs and logistical challenges when communicating with people in different time zones.

The capabilities of Skype allow agents to show properties to buyers who are out of state or out of the country. Agents can send presentations ahead of time allowing the buyers to review the presentation first before going over the details or they can show a property and discuss the details at the same time.

The video conferencing capability of Skype is very beneficial when agents are working with multiple buyers and sellers who may not live near each other. If a buyer submits a contract on a seller's property and the seller is out of town, the agent can easily go over the contract details with them face-to-face.

Skype is a tool that allows not only real-time business to take place, but allows agents to work with a broader range of clientele. When people are looking to buy property in another state or another country, Skype provides the ability for agents and clients to communicate face-to-face and it enhances the buyer's ability to view a property in more detail than a virtual tour seen over the internet. If the agent is showing the property live to a client, the buyer can also ask their questions while they are viewing the property.

Skype is a tool that can be a great benefit to Colorado Springs agents. Being a military town, there could be many sellers stationed overseas or out of state who want or need to sell their home. There may be others returning home who want to buy a house. The benefits of Skype can seal a deal more quickly and easily when parties are not in town.

If you are looking to grow and expand your business, build relationships and save costs at the same time, Skype is a communication tool that can help you do this.