The buyer will do a final walk-through of the home right before closing.  They may do a walk-through a few days before closing and then again right before closing.  The buyers and their REALTOR will be verifying the following before they close:

•Verify you moved out of the house completely

•Verify the home is in broom clean condition or professionally cleaned.  Even if the contract does not include a professional cleaning or a light cleaning, it is highly recommended that you clean the whole house to include appliances and windows.  We also recommend you steam clean the carpets.  It is common courtesy to clean up your own filth from when you and your family lived in the home.  Trust me, we have seen sellers up and leave the state and don't even clean the house.  Now the buyer is upset because they have to spend days cleaning the house and they just scheduled movers to deliver their furniture after closing.  That puts the buyers in a bind.

•Verify all debris is removed from inside and outside of home.

•Verify all the inclusions stated in contract are at the property.  The buyer may ask for certain items to be included in the sale. Most of these items are items you may have already agreed to leave behind. For example, the buyer may want the kitchen appliances and the washer and dryer. If you agree to leave an item with the house, you must make sure they stay in the home. You cannot take them or sell them. Please note if the refrigerator is included in the contract you cannot swap the refrigerator for a new one. You would need to exclude the refrigerator and add a new one to the contract. This would be part of the contract negotiations. We have seen sellers in the past decide they want to take their stainless steel refrigerator with them to their new house and then they put the refrigerator from the garage in the kitchen. This can't happen. The refrigerator that was in the property at the and specified in the contract needs to stay in the home. The home has to be in the same condition as when the buyers went under contract. This means you can't swap things out.

All attachments to the home are automatically included contractually unless you specify that it is excluded. This includes your sheds, awnings, screen doors, bathroom mirrors, and curtains and rods. So if you plan to take any of these items you will need to discuss this with your agent to make sure it is not included in the sale of your home.

•To verify the house has not burned down or any damage has been done to the home.  Trust me this has happened in real estate. We have seen homes burn down 2 days before closing and nobody knew about it. If a buyer  were to purchase that home not knowing it burned down, your insurance will not cover that.

Your Pink Realty Agent is here to make sure we cover you and look out for your best interests. We think of every possible scenario that can happen in real estate and advise you to all matters.