Client Appreciation


At Pink Realty Our Clients are #1 Priority During and AFTER the Closing

Statistics show about 70% of your clients will forget who you are after a year after buying or selling their house. 87% of clients say they would use their REALTOR again. But if they can't remember you, how will they call you? Pink Realty has much higher statisics because our clients actually remember us. Our Branding is simply unforgettable. But not only that, we make sure we build lasting lifetime relationships after closing. About 70% of our business in Repeat and Referral Business.

Client Pop By Gifts

To be remembered, you need to build and maintain relationships with clients—both old and new. So don’t take the once-and-done approach. If you stay friends and stay in touch with your clients for a lifetime, they will refer you to everyone they know. We love just stopping by our clients at their home monthly with a memorable Pink Realty gift.


Our clients absolutely love our gifts and call us over and over again with referrals. They appreciate us so much because we make sure they never forget us. We follow the Brian Buffini (aka Buffini and Company) method of building lifelong relationships. You too can use the very system we use to have 70% of your business be referrals! We take the guesswork out of the equation!


Pink Realty orders Pink-Branded Gifts in bulk each month. You can order as many as you like. Since we order our gifts in bulk they are very affordable. They only cost $2-$5 each. We will even make the ‘Pop By’ tags that go with your gift.


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