Pink Realty is 100% Debt Free

You don't have to re-invent the wheel. We have every system already in place for you to use. CEO, Monica Breckenridge took over 10 years to master her systems for a top producing real estate team that closed over 500 transactions a year.

We are 100% debt free. Not very many real estate companies or franchises can say this. Be proud knowing you are teaming up with a company that will be around forever and never go bankrupt! Plus our company actually makes a profile verus being in debt!

We are a Tech Company without the Tech Debt!

Did you know that Redfin is an unprofitable franchise and has a loss of $23 million? "Last month, in documents related to its IPO, Redfin said it hasn’t turned a profit since it launched in 2004. “As of March 31, 2017, we had an accumulated deficit of $613.3 million,” the company disclosed." Even Compass had to raise over $225 million in venture capital to date. 

It's crazy to think that most of these tech real estate companies gather funds from major investors to help the company grow.

That is not the Pink Realty Way. All our money is self earned. If we don't have the money we don't get it from investors. We just wait until we do to start the next project. In fact the CEO's were investors prior to starting Pink Realty. They still are investors. So all the money into Pink Realty is self invested by the CEO's.

In Fact Our Systems Save Our Agents Money!

Because we have an expansion team model, we all use the same systems. Unlike your typical franchise you have to create your own website, your own transaction management system, etc. At Pink we all share the same systems. Even though we share the same systems we all have our own logins. We have negotiated large team pricing on all our systems!