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Master Planned Communities

The Master Planned Community Lifestyle

A master planned community is a neighborhood that was developed with you in mind. They offer amenities to always keep you busy and entertained. Many of these neighborhoods come with a Homeowners Association. But there are a few that don’t have a Homeowners Association and just have covenants. These communities with no Homeowners Association may have higher taxes because it may be in a special taxing district to help maintain the appearance of the neighborhood.

Many of these communities offer amenities and are close to shopping and dining. These neighborhoods typically have a community center, exercise room, golf course, basketball court, tennis court, parks, trails, dog parks, pools and spas. There is more of a demand now than in the past for community amenities. More people want to be able to just walk out of their house and be close to the parks, trails and pools. The way older neighborhoods were designed there was just one park. And you would have to drive to get to the city amenities. With families working late hours that doesn’t leave much time for you to gather all your things and then drive to the nearest pool or trail to get some exercise in. This is why there is a huge demand for neighborhood amenities. All inclusive so you have more time to spend doing the things you love after work.

Master Planned Community Listings