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About the Name Pink Realty

The story behind coming up with a name for the brokerage is an interesting one. CEO Monica Breckenridge was trying to come up with a word that she would be able to have as a marketing phone number, that way the last 4 digits were the name of her company. At the time Monica and Russ started the company, Monica was the biggest fan of the color PINK that there was. Her car even had PINK on it! Monica realized that the word PINK was a 4 letter word and a light-bulb went off in her head. PINK is a color and a brand that sticks out that nobody else has; it’s very memorable. People would not have to remember anything but a color and they would find us.

Monica instantly knew she hit the jackpot with her name. She knew that her name and branding were so powerful that she must franchise it.  Pink Realty is a registered trademark so that means nobody can operate a Pink Realty Office without the approval of Pink Realty Franchise. All our marketing is PINK, our name is PINK, our color is PINK, our gifts are PINK, our branding is PINK, our phone number is PINK, our cars are PINK, our for sale signs are PINK, our website is PINK. Literally everything is PINK.

Pink Realty was established in 2009 by the owners/CEO Monica and Russ Breckenridge. The owners were entrepreneurs prior to opening their business. They primarily focused on real estate investments but then decided to expand their business by opening a realty company to serve more clients. The company started extremely small and was a family run business. Monica’s mother, Claudia Adams, and brother, Brian Adams, helped shape the business. In 2018 Pink Realty opened up its first franchise location in Atlanta, GA.