Federally Trademarked Company


The Pink Story

The story behind coming up with a name for the brokerage is an interesting one. CEO, Monica Breckenridge was trying to come up with a word that she would be able to have as a marketing phone number, that way the last 4 digits were the name of her company. At the time Monica and Russ started the company, Monica was the biggest fan of the color PINK that there was. Her car even had Pink on it! Then, Monica realized that the word PINK was a 4 digit word and a light-bulb went off in her head. Pink is a color and a brand that sticks out that nobody else has. It’s very memorable. People would not have to remember anything but a color and they would find us.


Color Trademark

Monica Breckenridge instantly knew she hit the jackpot with her name. She knew that instant that her name and branding was so powerful that she must trademark the name. She also knew the name would one day become a franchise.  Pink Realty® is a registered trademark so that means nobody can operate a Pink Realty office without the approval of Pink Realty Franchise. All our marketing is Pink, Our name is Pink, Our Color is Pink, Our Gifts are Pink, Our Branding is Pink, Our Phone number is Pink, Our Car's are Pink, Our For Sale Signs are Pink, Our Website is Pink. Everything is literally PINK.

We even have a registered trademark for the color PINK® in Real Estate.

Other Companies with Color Trademarks

Color is Powerful! When it comes to business, color is an industry in and of itself. Color can leave a lasting impact on consumers and makes up a huge part of a brand’s identity. While most colors are free for anyone to use, there are some brands that have trademarked them. Trademarking brand colors and color combinations is different than securing trademarks over logos and symbols. Generally, if two companies aren’t in similar industries, there’s no problem with using the same color: 

Here are some Popular Companies with Color Trademarks:

  • Tiffany and Company has trademarked the Tiffany Blue
  • The Home Depot has trademarked it's Orange
  • Target has trademarked the color Red
  • UPS has trademarked the Brown
  • T-Mobile has trademarked the Magenta
  • Pink Realty has the Pink color trademarked